Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Things You Should Not Do When Meeting or Dating a Latina

In dating, men usually undergo an enormous pressure in keeping the conversation going, thus resulting to two things--- getting speechless or talking too much without using his words wisely.  If you are planning to date women from Medellin, these key points will be of great help in keeping the interaction over dinner in a light and more comfortable way. If you want to take your relationship to the next level, you must be careful with your words. Here are few things you SHOULDN’T do when you are dating a Latina:

Never mispronounce her name. If you happen to meet a Latina somewhere in the club or over a coffee shop, be attentive when she introduces her name. It matters the most. Some beautiful Latina have this ‘super-hard to pronounce name’, like Beileag or Xochitl. If you won’t be able to pronounce her name well, you won’t be able to get her digits too. You should be all ears when she says her name. If you can’t still get it right, take time to learn it. She won’t like it if you start guessing how it should be pronounced.

Never call her mami during your first meeting. Being called mami is sweet for every Latina; it’s just like calling Asian women baby as an endearment. It can wake the butterflies in her stomach too. However, calling her with that endearment during your first meeting or first few dates may result to putting an end to your newly-started relationship.

Never decline the food she made for you. For Latin culture, turning down the food someone is trying to offer is more than spitting on their faces. Thus, learn the word ‘respect’ when it comes to whatever food she or her family offers even though you don’t feel like tasting it.

Never show less care for her family. Since Latin women have this peculiar and intense attachment with their family, expect to date her entire family when you plan to get her heart. That being said, get ready to familiarize everyone’s (every family member of your date) birthdays or anniversaries. She would love it if you do such. Show her that you care for her family as much as you care for her. By that, she will think you are serious in the relationship.

Never refuse to learn their language. Dating a Latina also means learning to speak their language even if she is not that fluent in the said language. She might not converse with you using their language that often, but some of her family might do. To impress her family, you might as well understand a few words of their language.

Never be a controlling madman. Though Latinas are known for being submissive and obedient toward their partners, most of them won’t put up with your harsh treatment if you seem to be a controlling douchebag. Don’t you dare abuse their goodness.

Never ask her to choose between you and her family. Never ever try to do this one because surely, you will lose the battle before it starts. If you have an issue about her clan, you can always talk to her about it and try to work it out together. Letting her choose is indeed a very bad idea.

Never ask her to call you papi. This one is more likely the same with calling her mami on your first meeting. Don’t be such in a hurry. She will call you papi sweetly if and when she is ready; you won’t have to ask her because she won’t like it.

If you want to keep your relationship with a Latina long, be aware of the things you must avoid from doing. Be mindful of the words you use especially if both of you just started up. In doing such, you will become one of the lucky men who enjoy life with Medellin women.